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17 01 2009
On my way back to camp from a resupply mission...

On my way back to camp from a resupply mission...

have been uploaded to my Flickr Photostream.  Trip report and equipment reviews to follow shortly.

packing up on our last day of kayak touring...

packing up camp on our last day of kayak touring...



7 responses

17 01 2009

Awesome pics from Baja.
I am envious…

19 01 2009

hey Vik. Great photos of the Pug. How has it handled so far? Thinking about getting one myself.

19 01 2009

The Pugsley was awesome. We had a ton of fun and rode everything from sandy beaches to rocky tracks and paved roads to mudflats.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Baja previously and the Pugsley has opened up a huge potential for fun and exploration that wasn’t possible on a normal MTB or on foot.

Both Kurt and I kept kicking ourselves for not buying Pugsleys sooner.

19 01 2009

Hey Vik. Thanks for the response. One more question. Did you ever think of getting a 29 bike? It seems the bigger wheels would accomplish the same thing. I have been told that you could make the Pug into a 29. Thoughts? Your site has been very helpful to me in a number of ways(building my BD, soon to have Tiket and maybe the Pug or Karate Monkey). Thanks again!

19 01 2009

I don’t think a 29er would be much better than a 26er MTB for soft conditions. The beauty of the Pugsley is the 3.7″ tires which are on a 26″ rim, but are the same diameter as a 29er.

You can use 29er rims/tires on a Pugsley which makes it quite versatile, but personally I have no desire for a 29er MTB. I’ll ride a 26er MTB for my normal mountain bike missions and use the Pugsley for soft conditions.

If I was going on a long trip and wanted to bring one frame I might get a set of 29er wheels made up for the Pug so I don’t have to haul around two bikes. That would make sense, but in that case it’s not that I’m after a 29er it just happens to be what works on the Pugsley. A 2.1″-2.4″ 26er tire/wheel on a Pug would be too low and you’d get pedal clearance issues.

19 01 2009


21 01 2009

I’ve long harboured a desire to get a Pug – this post serves only to strengthen that lust! Great pics.
Cass – Fellow BD owner.

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