Tikit Cargo Hijinx

15 01 2009


Of course when I was hauling the really big loads I had my hands full and couldn’t take any photos…=-)







2 responses

15 01 2009

How do you keep the load from shifting from side to side (and off the rack)? I tried to do something similar with a box on the rear rack of my Tikit but after fiddling with various strap configurations for a few minutes and failing to come up with anything that seemed like it was secure enough to survive minor bumps and corners, I gave up and took the train…

15 01 2009

Hey Seth,

I live downtown about 3-4 blocks from the post office so I don’t need my loads to be super secure and I just ride over slowly. I’m not suggesting the Tikit is a Big Dummy replacement at all, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well it handles lighter yet bulky loads.

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