I’m Back!

14 01 2009


Although I was tempted to just stay indefinitely in Baja and Southern California I did the responsible thing and returned home…=-)  I’ve plowed through my emails and responded to everything that needed attention.  It’s quite likely I missed a few so if you wrote to me and have not rec’d a satisfactory reply yet please send me a reminder.

I’ll be processing my photos over the next few days and should have them on Flickr by the weekend.

We had a ton of fun biking and kayaking in Baja.  The Pugsleys surpassed our expectations – they are phenomenal beach/desert bikes.

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday season and I look forward to reading your blogs and catching up on the various bike groups/forums.



8 responses

15 01 2009

Welcome back Vik! Glad you had tons of fun… Anxious to see the pics and read your new post. –jim

16 01 2009

Welcome back to the real world! I didn’t realize you were taking Minnesota with you. I’m looking forward to your pictures and stories.

16 01 2009

This is a great blog and I enjoy your details in bike products and photos. From your blog, it looks like you experiment a lot with different products. Do you have any feedback on S&S Couplers that allow you to “break” the bike in 1/2 for travels? I’m living in Ecuador and looking into a custom build with these couplers.

16 01 2009

Thanks David. I do like trying out new equipment and bikes to see how they work. I currently have a Thorn Nomad touring bike with S&S couplers that I’m riding. I have only been using it for short rides around town so far so I haven’t posted about it yet on my blog.

You can read about it here:


and see photos of my build here:


If you want a purpose built S&S touring bike it’s hard to go wrong with this bike and it’s quite a deal when compared to a custom frame yet has all the touring details.

I didn’t get the S&S couplers because I was going to put the bike in a suitcase when I fly. That seems like far too much work to save $100-$200, but I can see myself using the S&S couplers to make the bike fit more easily in a bike box or in a car/bus or even at home between tours so it will fit into the back of a closet.

The couplers look like a work of art and if you are an engineering geek they will make you smile the same way a Rohloff does. Very pretty and very functional.

If you have any specific S&S questions feel free to ask me. What bike are you riding at the moment?



17 01 2009

Thanks for your response. I’m currently teaching oversea’s and looking into selling the fleet of bikes sitting in storage at home and simply going with 1 bike. I know, how could a bike lover go from many to 1? I need a mountain bike that travels well and is nearly bomb proof.

As for he S&S couplers, have you noticed any flex while riding your Thorn? If you’ve had a chance to “break it down”, is it fairly easy or more annoying and troublesome?

Thanks again and I look forward to future posts.


17 01 2009

David the tubes are actually stiffer once you’ve added the S&S couplers and stronger as well. They won’t cause you any hassles other than the fact they can come undone so you need to carry the special S&S tool with out on longer rides.

25 01 2009
Gerco van Vulpen

Hello Vik,

Like to say that i love this site and reading the info with great intrest..
I am planning to build up a Surly Pugsley frame with those fat tires.. Looking at your pictures from the Baja-tour i am kind of anctious though.. You seem to have had a lot of flats??!! I am now riding a standard Koga Miyata Worldtraveller with Conti tires and they don’t ever seem to run flat… Should i be anctious or not?? Second question; Can those rims/frame be combined with a Rohloff geartrain?? Looking forward to yor respons and i’ll defenitly look at your site again. Have fun riding those bikes!!!


25 01 2009

Hola Gerco,

Thanks for the kind words:

– don’t worry too much about Pugsley flats. We’ve never had any at home. In Baja, we actually only had 3, but we added slime puncture sealant to Kurt’s tubes and it kept eating away his patches so he had to fix the same flats many times. I now know how to add slime to a Pugsley tube in a way that will work. I’ll post how on my blog in the next few months.
– yes you can run a Rohloff, but you may find the gear range of a cheaper Alfine would be sufficient as you are not going to go uber fast with a Pugsley. If you do go with a Rohloff use a Monkey Bone for the torque support:


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