Mike Curiak’s Moots Snow Bike

28 12 2008
A custome Moots snow bike with custom trailer

A custom Moots snow bike with custom trailer

Wow…found this photo on the Fatbike Alaska Blog. It makes my Big Dummy look puny – yikes!

This is one of Mike Curiak’s snow bikes.  He has a website with a chronology of the evolution of his snow bikes. This bike/trailer dates from a design he was testing in 2007. Mike’s trips/races look quite ridiculously amazing.



6 responses

29 12 2008

( * drool * )

That thing is sick.

29 12 2008

Suppose that trailer frame is Ti??

6 01 2009

Yes that trailer is Ti, I believe it was designed to be filled with pressurizes gas for cooking.
In 2008 he did not use the trailer and did a unsupported ride in Alaska.

10 04 2009

how this bike gives even to think of crossing the Arctic, oooohhhhhh
Very good your bike!!!
From Brazil

26 10 2009
Russell Worthington

Very interesting to see what Mike calls a failed trailer. I made a very similar 4″ single wheel trailer which also failed (literally – it broke) … I learnt from this and then had what I believe was a success: http://adventuruss.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=253. Designed to transport 40lt water. Not fast mind you, but it did take a lot of weight off my rear wheel which was already heavily weighed down.

26 10 2009

Wow impressive. I’ve always wondered how the thin yoke attaching these trailers to the bike resisted the high torsional forces of the heavy trailer wanting to lean side to side?

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