Tzuo made it home!

27 12 2008

Tzuo riding his trusty LHT nearly at home

Tzuo riding his trusty LHT nearly at home

After a little over 230 days since setting out from the West Coast of the US Tzuo Hann made it home to Malaysia. His crazyguyonabike tour journal is equal parts entertainment and inspiration. Starting with zero touring experience, a new Surly LHT and a modest budget he pedaled his way across the US, Europe and Asia on a long journey home. Congrats Tzuo!…nicely done…=-)



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28 12 2008

i know you’re rolling all your blogs into one, but this happened in March! Did you know that you can backdate your posts?

not that it really matters because:
a) Tzuo’s story was great and it’s nice to be reminded of that greatness and
b) I’m liking the content of your blog — it fits nicely in my RSS aggregate!


15 01 2009

Hey Geoff,

I was just moving over some of the more interesting posts from my old blogs and since I was away for a month figured it would be good to have content still appearing during my absence. I also figured there may be some readers who haven’t read this post and might enjoy it.

Thanks for the suggestion….I will be back dating future recycled posts now that I’m home again.

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