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20 12 2008
Great cycle touring book - click on photo to buy.

Great cycle touring book - click on photo to buy.

My friend Eleanor wrote a book about her 5000km solo bike tour in South America. It’s funny and inspirig – well worth a read if you like travel stories.

Salar de Uyni - Bolivia

Salar de Uyni - Bolivia

She has posted photos from her tour on her Flickr site.  These are two of my favourites.

...endless road in Patagonia

...endless road in Patagonia



3 responses

20 12 2008

I have tired to get a copy – but alas it’s out of print… if you know how I can lay my hands on a copy I’d be grateful…

22 12 2008
Darren Alff - Bicycle Touring Pro

The photos look great! I’d love to check it out if I can find it. Is it on Amazon.com? I’ll look right now!

Yes, it’s there, but out of print. I’m guessing the book is “Print on Demand.”

I think that after I return from Europe this year, my next long distance bicycle tour is going to be South America. looks like fun.

15 01 2009

Ah….sorry….I didn’t realize it was out of print. If you go to Eleanor’s Flickr site and leave a comment asking where you can get a copy of the book she may have some to sell or know a vendor who does.

She is a first time author so Penguin probably printed a small first run of the book to see how it would sell. I expect they come out with a larger second run in the not too distant future – although I’m just speculating.

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