Black Friday Sale Ends Today

29 11 2008

I rec’d this email from the Bike Friday Yak List.  If you’ve been thinking about a Tikit or Bike Friday Travel bike you can get 15% of until midnight tonight as long as you get a black one.  Since all the cool kids ride black Bike Fridays this isn’t really much of a restriction.

I’ve had my eye on a Bike Friday travel bike all summer ever since I ran into two Bike Friday owners in town with their sweet rides.  It’s much easier to resist a bike when you can’t see and touch it in person!  I was actually thinking I might get a Bike Friday that wasn’t black [gasp!], but I may have to reconsider.

Black goes with everything!

Black goes with everything!


Buy any Bike Friday – as long as it’s black –
Get 15% off!

Hello Friday Friends,

We can’t let a Black Friday go by without giving you the chance to own one at a wicked price.

For today and tomorrow only, you can get any Friday you like as long as it’s black, at 15% off. We usually only reserve that price for our friends, family, dealers, and random acts of generosity. Like today …

How about turning over a new commuting leaf with a Model-T tikit for just $850, normally $999, a saving of almost $150, in any color you like as long as it’s black? Or, for a few dollars more, get the famous Hyperfold version. Here’s a movie of how you grocery shop with a hyperfold tikit. And here’s the none-too-shabby fold of the Model T. A thoughtful (and useful) Christmas gift it makes …

Or a what about a black beauty from any of our new streamlined and simplified 2009 Model Range? Best of all, you can save money without leaving your house and battling with the post-Thanksgiving stampede.

Call or email our Sales Experts at 1-800-777-0258, email, who are working hard on this post Thanksgiving Day to take your order.

Offer expires at midnight Eugene, Oregon time. As long as we receive your email by midnight November 30 (giving you til Sunday) and your payment by close of business Monday Dec 1, the deal is yours. If you have a local Bike Friday dealer, the order will be shipped to that store and your dealer duly credited. Discount applies to the bicycle only – black paint is free, spend your savings on some cool Bike Friday accessories.

Please quote black magic code 1532

Burn carbs, not hydrocarbs!

Bike Friday Travel Team
3364 West 11th Ave Eugene, OR, 97402, USA
Phone 800-777-0258 | Fax 541-687-0403 | Cellphone 541-513-7711 (USA) Email: Bike Friday Blog:

Once you go black you never go back!

Once you go black you never go back!



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