Josh’s Big Dummy

28 11 2008
Josh Maus

Photo: Josh Maus

Why the Big Dummy:

Originally I considered adding an Xtracycle free radical to a mountain bike but never made it around to doing it. I have a few friends with Xtracycle setups on their bikes and I envied their ability to haul things around– chairs and coolers to picnics, recyclables to the recycle center, ladders, etc. I have been living car-free for almost a year now and wanted a bike that could bring groceries home, or could be loaded up and go camping with, or be used to transport large items when needed. When I saw pictures of the Big Dummy I decided it was the best route to go.

Build spec:

  • Salsa Pro Moto Bar
  • Salsa stem
  • Swobo grips/bar ends
  • Avid BB7 disc brakes
  • Chris King Nothreadset
  • Shimano Deore XT drivetrain
  • Salsa Delgado Race rims
  • DT Swiss 14 gauge spokes
  • Shimano XT hubs
  • DMR Bikes Transition 26×2.2 tires
  • Salsa seatpost
  • Brooks B17 saddle

I have never had the experience of putting a bike together until the Dummy. I asked Paul McKenna (local bicycle shop owner) for his help with selecting components and assembling it once everything arrived. His help was greatly appreciated! I went with Salsa components because they are associated with QBP (just like Surly) and they make high quality stuff, Swobo just because, Shimano hubs/drivetrain because of the value and quality, Brooks saddle to see what the big deal was about their saddles, Chris King headset because it’s a unique project, and DMR tires because they looked good for urban riding.

First impressions:

“Whoa this bike is long!” (but you get used to it after awhile) I really think it rides better when carrying a load, the inertia keeps it rolling with very little effort. Also, the frame feels solid and bullet proof with several years of hard use ahead of it.

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2 responses

28 11 2008

do i have this one posted? may i? 🙂

28 11 2008

You’ll have to ask Josh as it’s his photo. If you click on the photo you’ll jump to his Flickr page and you can leave him a comment asking for permission.

You can use any of my photos here if you like:

Poised to Ride

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