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26 11 2008


I’ve got more than 5 blogs on the go…heck probably more than 10 if you count even the ones that rarely get updated.  Although it has been fun it’s also a lot of work.  I have been thinking about making things simpler, but at the same time I know it’s handy to be able to refer to a site that only covers the topic that interests you – say Bike Friday Tikits.  I’ve pondering what to do that would make my life easier and while maintaining the ability to keep specialized content separate.  I’ve decided to move to a single WordPress blog that will incorporate all my bikey interests including:

  • bike touring
  • recumbents [particularly for randonneuring]
  • folding bikes [particularly the Tikit]
  • bike commuting
  • cargo bikes [particularly the Big Dummy]

I’ll be setting up a wide range of categories so you can sort through the content on this blog more easily.  If you just want to see bike reviews you’ll be able to skip the rest of the content.  At the same time it will bring the readership of the different blogs together and may expose folks to other types of bikes they hadn’t previously been interested in.

As I’m new to WordPress there may be some hiccups as I get things setup.  I’ll be mining my old blogs for content and transferring the worthwhile posts to this new blog with the goal of having a one stop resource for all my bike interests. So you’ll see some posts you’ve read before – perhaps you’ll find the information useful and if not just skip ahead to new material.  The old blogger blogs will remain active although I will not be updating them.



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26 11 2008

WOW! Great new look, Vik! I thought I was somewhere else when I clicked on the link to your site. Good work. Hope the leg’s getting better.


26 11 2008

Thanks – it’s my new Euro Smurf Roadie look for Fall…lol…or do you mean the new blog design?

Foots getting better – just got in from a ride, but definitely not 100%. I’m doing the physio thing, but I have a plane ticket to Mexico in exactly 3 weeks and 2000kms to pedal my bike and camping gear so I’m doing what I can to get my foot ready.

I may have to cancel the tour or reduce the scope, but no point in worrying about it until it’s a week away as I’ll have a much better idea where my foots at by then.

My physio is optimistic and I’ll be seeing a ankle/foot sports specialist for a second opinion.

*fingers crossed*

27 11 2008

Good idea Vik
What about rss or atom feed on this new blog?

27 11 2008

BOTH! The smurf look suits. And the website is tidy and smart.

Oh dear, three weeks passes quickly, but here’s hoping your foot will be up (or down?) to the task. Do you use Glucosamine Chondroitin? I’ve found it helps my various skeletal problems (knee, hip) very well.

Fingers and toes crossed for you!


27 11 2008

You might have some RSS settings misconfigured. While Google Reader can find the RSS feed through, it can not through

27 11 2008

Great stuff. Can you add an RSS feed?

27 11 2008

Good on ya for making the move to WordPress. We made the leap awhile ago and haven’t looked back. You may miss some of the platform enhancements that came down the pike from Blogger, but with your own URL, you’ve definitely got a more solid footprint in space, if that’s possible. 😉

Congrats and we’ll stay tuned!


27 11 2008
Dave Warnock

Vik, No RSS feed at the moment!

27 11 2008

I’ll be happy to setup a RSS feed as soon as I figure out how to do that. If any uses WordPress and can drop me an email with some tips on making that happen I’ll take care of it today – threeohm “at” gmail “dot” com.

Regardless I’ll poke around and try and sort this out on my own. Today marks day 2 on WordPress so be gentle with me…lol….=-)

27 11 2008

Hey Vik,

The new site looks great! Congrats on making the switch to WordPress.

Here’s a page at that contains info about RSS feeds:

Here’s your feed address:

If you’d like, you can create a link in your sidebar to the above feed address.

Hope that helps..

27 11 2008

Great new look but, I hate Snap pop ups.

27 11 2008

Hey Vik. I like the new look. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they like wordpress much better than blogger and I can kind of see that. I had a little email dialog with Jeff (bike Carson) about why he made his change and I was looking into it about a year ago. I might end up changing over to something other than blogger too. I think you can very quickly reach the limitations of blogger and there doesn’t really seem to be many new features or upgrades made to it. I look forward to seeing your new site take shape.


27 11 2008

Rick – I hate the Snap Pop ups as well. I’m just looking for how I turn that off.

27 11 2008
Duncan Watson

Nice look. I have been considering switching to wordpress as well but haven’t yet made the decision to do so. I am looking forward to more reading. Good luck with the foot.

27 11 2008

The Snap Pop ups are history!

27 11 2008

Hey, you think you have it hard! At least you’re mostly bike oriented. I have climbing (rock AND ice) and skiing and hiking as well as bikes. And occasionally random craft. And the travel. And the living in another country. I’ve given up on the idea of trying to attract a specific audience 🙂

28 11 2008

Is it just me, or do all of the links open in a frame of your home page?

28 11 2008


I’m not sure what you mean. When I click on the links they open in a full page for me replacing the window that my blog appeared in prior to clicking on the link.

28 11 2008

It seems that if I come here via the – URL, all of the external links are opened inside that URL and that’s what shows in the address box at the top of my browser.

If I come in at – I don’t get frame-locked, for lack of a better term.

Like I said, it could just be me. 😉

BTW, nice blog! Thanks.

29 11 2008

Ahh….now I understand. No Ken that’s intentional. So that no matter what part of the site you jump to the main URL keeps showing.

If you click on a link from my URL does stay at the top of the page, but you aren’t in a frame. You are visiting the complete site whose link you clicked on.

If you want to see that site’s URL at the top of the page you can right click on the link and open in a new tab.

Have a great weekend…=-)

29 11 2008

Speaking of RSS feeds.. would you consider enabling “full text” for your feeds, rather than “summary”? (I’m not really up on WordPress, but it looks like it’s in Settings > Reading)

I enjoy your blog — so much that I recently acquired a Season Tikit — but like reading everything in a feed reader (and on my phone). With your old blogger blogs that worked fine, as the feeds included full post content, but now in “summary” mode WordPress only includes the first couple lines, so those of us using RSS have to load the page for each post separately.


29 11 2008

Seth…it comes down to issues with automated sites grabbing content via RSS feeds and the ease of people getting the content. As well there is something to be said for the content being read in context on the page it came from in terms of the overall design of the site.

It’s hard to make everyone happy and I’ll keep evaluating the options, but for now I’m sticking with the RSS feed being a summary and the full posts only going to the site.

Glad you got a Seasons Tikit – how do you like it?

1 12 2008

Ah, I didn’t realize it was an intentional choice to use summary mode. Fair enough — while I don’t necessarily agree, I understand where you’re coming from, and it is *your* blog after all 🙂

I’m loving the Tikit, thanks. I’m still trying to get the Nexus shifter adjusted just right (I encounter occasional slippage in 5th and 6th gear), but yesterday after riding a friend’s full-size-with-derailer road bike I really began to appreciate how smooth the internal gearing is. And the fold and ride are of course great.

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