One blog to rule them all!

26 11 2008


I’ve got more than 5 blogs on the go…heck probably more than 10 if you count even the ones that rarely get updated.  Although it has been fun it’s also a lot of work.  I have been thinking about making things simpler, but at the same time I know it’s handy to be able to refer to a site that only covers the topic that interests you – say Bike Friday Tikits.  I’ve pondering what to do that would make my life easier and while maintaining the ability to keep specialized content separate.  I’ve decided to move to a single WordPress blog that will incorporate all my bikey interests including:

  • bike touring
  • recumbents [particularly for randonneuring]
  • folding bikes [particularly the Tikit]
  • bike commuting
  • cargo bikes [particularly the Big Dummy]

I’ll be setting up a wide range of categories so you can sort through the content on this blog more easily.  If you just want to see bike reviews you’ll be able to skip the rest of the content.  At the same time it will bring the readership of the different blogs together and may expose folks to other types of bikes they hadn’t previously been interested in.

As I’m new to WordPress there may be some hiccups as I get things setup.  I’ll be mining my old blogs for content and transferring the worthwhile posts to this new blog with the goal of having a one stop resource for all my bike interests. So you’ll see some posts you’ve read before – perhaps you’ll find the information useful and if not just skip ahead to new material.  The old blogger blogs will remain active although I will not be updating them.