Beach Fatness…

3 01 2013
Sharon's got FAT!

Sharon’s got FAT!

Up to no good...

Up to no good…

Making tracks...

Making tracks…

Rest break...

Rest break…

Get the pressure right...

Get the pressure right…

Life at the beach gets rusty fast...

Life at the beach gets rusty fast…

Sharon proud to be FAT... ;)

Sharon proud to be FAT… ;)






Got sand?

23 12 2012
Sandy Pugselys - just how I like 'em...

Sandy Pugselys – just how I like ‘em…

Sharon off to a hula hooping jam on the beach...

Sharon off to a hula hooping jam on the beach…


Another view on La Ventana…

11 12 2012
Sharon's first session in Baja...

Sharon’s first session in Baja…

Click on this link to read another Canadian blogger’s perspective on La Ventana.

Bionic knee Sharon!

Bionic knee Sharon!

Take care of your knees!

9 12 2012

Scott resting his knee after the crash…

My buddy Scott crashed hard while kiting and landed on his surfboard with his right knee. We had to carry him out of the water and help him move around for the first few days. He’s now able to hobble on his own and will be seeing a knee surgeon when he gets back home.


Scott with his knee brace on and 2 margaritas for pain relief…

You don’t appreciate how amazing your knees are until they don’t work correctly. Than you realize that you aren’t going anywhere fast without a healthy knee. So take care of them!

Global Fat Tire Bike Day….

6 12 2012
Baja beach fat biking...

Baja beach fat biking…

Global Fat Bike Day was 1 Dec and we got carried away in Baja so it was celebrated a few days late, but in fine style… ;)

The aftermath...

The aftermath…


The Lazy Rando Mexican Office…

2 12 2012
Espresso on the Sea of Cortez...

Espresso on the Sea of Cortez…

Klaus’ Photos

31 01 2010

Photo: Klaus Kommoss

One of the interesting people I’ve run into in Baja several times over the years is Klaus Kommoss.  When my path crosses with his it’s always a treat to share some time chatting about life and our travels.  Klaus has posted some of the great photos he takes in Baja and other spots around the world on his Flickr site.  It’s definitely worth a look.

La Ventana Photos….

14 01 2010

Hanging with Deanna on the playa....

Most of my La Ventana photos have been posted on Flickr here.  A few more may get posted over the next couple weeks.

I’m nearly home so this blog should be getting some regular attention shortly.  I’m only a day’s drive from Calgary, but my newly installed transmission failed after 8-9 days of driving so I’m stuck in Kennewick WA for a few days while a new one gets shipped to me and installed.  At least this time it’s a warranty repair that won’t cost me anything [other than hotel and food]. Seems like I picked an opportune time to replace my truck.  I won’t be taking the old one too far from home again!

Although I can’t say I was happy to leave La Ventana if I had to go home before summer this was as good a time as any.  I am looking forward to getting the Pugsley out in the snow and getting as much value from my season’s pass at Castle Mtn as I can.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season…now it’s time to welcome in 2010 and make the most of the time we have!…=-)

Hanna gets her kite on…

24 12 2009

Colin waits for the launch...

Kiteboarding Conference

Another La Ventana launch....

Viva la Mexico!

22 12 2009

Patriotic Kiteboarder

The Kiteboarder grin! after an Epic day...=-)

No wind? No Problem!

21 12 2009

Kristin Backlit

La Ventana wind forecast...

Baja Mermaid

Baja Fresh!

27 11 2009

Finally - I made it!

Well a new transmission, a new clutch, a new set of tires and 10 days on the road I finally pulled off the main highway and drove the last few kms to La Ventana.  I stopped in at Baja Joes to chat with the Elevation Kiteboarding School Gang from Lake Nihnat in BC and see if the free camping in the arroyo I had heard about was a good idea. They said it was fine and I rolled a bit further North and found a great spot in the second arroyo.  It was nice to see some familiar faces from Squamish at the arroyo as well as lots of other friendly folks.

My camp in the arroyo is pretty and has some bushes/trees for privacy, but it’s close to the main road, which is a bit noisy.  Happily the town goes to bed early so I haven’t had any issues sleeping.  Unlike my typical Baja trips that featured solitude and remoteness this one seems to be quite the opposite.  I can walk to some free showers, clean porcelain sit down toilets, wireless internet, multiple restaurants and bars as well as grocery stores.

On one hand It’s great to have so many services so close.  On the other it’s not a very quiet reflective sort of experience.  Given that I need to work on this trip having easy internet access is a good thing and if I wanted I could still stop at some of my more remote camp spots on the way back home.

Sun rise at La Ventana

I can see the Sea of Cortez from my camp and it’s a 60 second walk to the beach with my SUP or kiteboarding gear.  Some professional windsurfers from the US have setup a sun shelter right on the beach complete with a sectional sofa!  My first day here I sat down on the sofa, put my legs up on a stool and enjoyed several very cold beers.  Although kiteboarding isn’t as hardcore as bike touring the GDR it does come with several benefits like a beach front sofa and the tendency for bikinis to be present….=-)

Since I will be online daily Monday to Friday I guess I’ll be updating this blog a lot more than I had expected….


The fleet stashed out of the sun...



Adios Amigos – Surf’s Up!

15 11 2009

Well everything for Baja is packed.  All my critical work is done and I’m heading south of the border Monday AM.  I hope everyone has a great winter, stays safe and enjoys the holidays.  I am not sure if I’ll be posting from Baja or not.  I may, but I don’t want to make any plans until I see how things work out at La Ventana.  I’ll be working on my laptop as it is for my “real job” so it’s hard to say whether I’ll be motivated to spend more time on a computer.

I’m really stoked to get a ton of hours on my kiteboard gear and learn to surf…not to mention rolling my Pugsley across miles of beach sand in search of cold beers n’ tacos!

La Ventana – Baja

26 10 2009
La Ventana Baja Mexico

La Ventana Baja Mexico

This will be my home for two months this winter.  With the advent of broadband internet you can work from just about anywhere in the world if your job doesn’t require a lot of face to face contact.  Cleverly I’ve invited my boss down for a few weeks of beach action over the holidays.  I’ll provide a fully guided beach experience with all the sports gear she could want to use at her disposal.  Hopefully she gets hooked and wants me to go to Baja every year…=-)~

Baja Photos…

17 01 2009
On my way back to camp from a resupply mission...

On my way back to camp from a resupply mission...

have been uploaded to my Flickr Photostream.  Trip report and equipment reviews to follow shortly.

packing up on our last day of kayak touring...

packing up camp on our last day of kayak touring...

I’m Back!

14 01 2009


Although I was tempted to just stay indefinitely in Baja and Southern California I did the responsible thing and returned home…=-)  I’ve plowed through my emails and responded to everything that needed attention.  It’s quite likely I missed a few so if you wrote to me and have not rec’d a satisfactory reply yet please send me a reminder.

I’ll be processing my photos over the next few days and should have them on Flickr by the weekend.

We had a ton of fun biking and kayaking in Baja.  The Pugsleys surpassed our expectations – they are phenomenal beach/desert bikes.

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday season and I look forward to reading your blogs and catching up on the various bike groups/forums.

Baja [the darkside!]

23 12 2008
desert biking

desert biking

My first long trip to Baja was aboard a KLR650 dual sport bike.  I rode mosty offroad the 1000miles from San Diego to Cab San Lucas for the Y2K NYE.

wide open spaces and solitude interupted only by an internal combustion engine

wide open spaces and solitude interupted only by an internal combustion engine

I fell in love hard and have been back 5 times now to sea kayak or bicycle.  A motorcycle gives you the ability to explore and cover a lot more ground than a bicycle, but I prefer the quiteness and human speed of a pedal bike.

where are we?

where are we?

However, I have to be thankful to my motorcycle as it was a great way to introduce myself to the wonders of the Baja.

Why I love Baja…

22 12 2008
Another tough morning of kayak fishing

Another tough morning of kayak fishing

Reason #1

Reason #2

The start of another kickass day of Baja bike touring

The start of another kickass day of Baja bike touring

The Upside of Down

8 12 2008
Kayaking on the Sea of Cortez

Kayaking on the Sea of Cortez

I had plans to cycle tour in Baja over the holidays.  I had been optimistic I’d be fine to do this trip, but my recovery from a foot injury has been slower than slow.  I’m on to my next level of specialist, but won’t see him until 3rd week in January [the Canadian health care system is free, but not fast!].  Talking to my physio I concluded that biking 100kms+ on a loaded touring bike day in and day out for several weeks was a risk.  It might be okay, but  could also make matters worse or I might have to stop riding after a short while and figure out what to do for the rest of my vacation.

I was bummed, but I know that canceling this trip isn’t the end of the world and it means I’ll be in better shape when summer rolls around and I want to hit the road on my bikes.  So there I was feeling sorry for myself when I realized not going bike touring didn’t mean I had to stay at home and do nothing.  There is a big difference between a bike tour and riding a bike – plus there are other things I could do to rest my foot.

As my mind churned I quickly came up with a plan.  I still wanted a warm beachy holiday – so head to Baja – check!  I wanted to give my foot a rest, but also be active and I hadn’t sea kayaked in a couple years – bring sea kayak – check!  I want to keep riding my bike and it’s good for me as long as I don’t get heroic – bring Pugsley to Baja – check!

It’s not the trip I had been thinking of, but kayaks and fat tire bikes on the beach in Baja isn’t exactly hell…=-)

Some photos from my last kayak trip to Baja.